Ways To Protect Your Website From Hackers And Malicious Attack

If you are a website owner or a personal blogger your top priorities is to secure the website. Whether you have an online store or a personal blog to make money online. You do not just worry about the design and content or for traffic; you also worry about your security of your website and make it a trustworthy.

Here are the tips and tricks to secure your website from hackers:

Make it a habit to have a long a password

Make sure it is alphabetic and numeric. Minimum 10 to 12-character password it’s strongly recommended. Also, avoid the password like your girlfriends and family name or pet name. It make easy to them to hack easily. If you cannot remember the password, write it down and place it in a secure place.

Make sure your firewall is configured

Firewall helps to protect the incoming information and stop or block the unauthorised access.  To be shield protected you have to configure the firewall according to your security need. If your firewall not fully configured this will be invitation for the hacker to your website to hack and take all your personal and confidential data.

Anti-virus is first line of defence

In your computer make sure its fully updated and if you don’t have a anti viruses purchase a genuine one to protect your computer and your website. Anti-virus will help you to stop all the malicious attack.

Give your website to ethical hackers

Ethical hacker is basically a hacker who hacks with the permission of the organisation to breach the network find the vulnerabilities and report them to the IT expert to improve the site, so that the website will be more secure and strong against malicious attack. Aside from installing, the antivirus ethical hacker is a experts in this type of situation.

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Make sure you have checked all the inputs of your website, if hacker somehow find a weak point in the website. This will give him an access to your webpage and hacker can access all the confidential data and personal information.

There are people who hack for money or hate, some people hack for just to be famous. You never know the reason behind the hacking of the website. Learn how you can protect your website from malicious attack, before your website get hacked from the hackers.

This article is contributed by Kishan Soni faculty of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi .

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