Tips To Improve The PHP Programming Skills

PHP is the most popular programming language. Which have capabilities to build in web development. The new PHP7 makes it easier to make and enhance the speed of the web application without using the additional resources. The programmer can switch to the latest version of the PHP language to increase the speed of the websites without putting extra efforts. However, the developers have to maintain the PHP code for the load speed of the website.

Tips to write maintainable and clean PHP code:

  • Take leverage of the native language

Native function help the developer to keep the code clean and readable. You can easily get information by native function and referring the PHP manual. While writing PHP code the programmer have option to develop the application in native function and custom function.

  • Compare similar function

Developer can use the native function to keep the PHP code readable and clean. But all the PHP function may differ in speed. Some PHP code need additional resources. Developer must compare the similar PHP function that does not affect the speed and experience of the website and do not need the additional resources to run.  The must determine the string by using isset.

  • Cache most PHP scripts

The programmer must remember that the one server is differ from the other. Example: html page is much faster than apache web server. They also have the option to remove the compilation time by using caching tools. The programmer can use memcache to cache the number of cache files along with database interaction.

  • Keep the code readable and maintainable

Often programmer find it confusing and difficult to find difficulty and modify the code written by other programmer because of that they need extra time and efforts to maintain the PHP application. The programmer make easier and efficient if the programmer add snippet code separately. It make code readable and by adding comments and each code.

  • Instead of XML, use JSON

Programmer have the option to work in XML and JSON but the programmer always have to take advantage of the native PHP function like JSON encode () JSON decode (). Is faster in speed and efficient. Programmer have option to work XML form.

Web developer have option to choose to right PHP framework and development tool. Each programmer have option to choose to the wide range of open source framework.

Deepak jangra is the writer of this article and faculty of Future Wings Media that provides PHP Course In Delhi and many other courses.

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