Modifications Of Google Algorithm

Google are regularly creating little modifications to their search algorithm, often up to five hundred times within a year, but every now and then they create a bigger alter.

Undoubtedly lots of you’ll have previously heard regarding one of their current algorithm updates called Penguin, created to focus on web spam as well as over optimized sites.

I am frequently asked regarding Google updates and what affect they’ve had on our customers, and I continually have the similar answer. Ninety-Nine percent of the time Google updates are not a shock to me or any other ‘white hat’ Search Engine Optimization professionals, they’re easily attempting to enforce the similar policies they have continuously attempted to motivate. Therefore if people have followed the present quality recommendations usually webmasters must have very small to stress about.

It’s convenient to know that Google does think about SEO to be great when done correctly and when it assists to enhance the user knowledge and make sure that the website is suitable with high quality content.
Again anything we usually highlight to our customers is that sites are created to be looked at by human visitors, so whilst optimization is crucial it must never be at the expense of the user knowledge and must really enhance the accessibility and make sure that users can discover the content most suitable to them as simply as possible.

So exactly what does Google look into to be web spam?

Two crucial places Google have focused with this up-date are keyword stuffing as well as linking systems from low-quality websites or content and websites that have no relevance.

Keyword stuffing is the practice of consisting of plenty of keywords within a site in order to attempt and up and down rankings. A common method of getting this is to have keywords listed in the same colour as the background of the website, therefore not noticeable to audience, but search engines can see them. Instead people also consist of an too much number of keywords inside title tags or alt attributes.

Linking systems that break search engine tips are really common on article based websites, where you can notice hyperlinked keywords that have zero relevance to the content on the webpage.

So in overview as long as you follow the search engine tips, then algorithm updates must not have a bad impact on your rankings, in fact they’re designed to enhance them and reward people that concentration on creating quality websites and content.

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