Ethical hacking is basically an attempt to systematically penetrate the computer system, network, application or other computing resources with permission from its owners or on behalf of its owners and enables the owners to find out the security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit. An ethical hacker is also referred to as a white hat hacker and is an information security expert.

Ethical hacking is a way to find out or exploit any vulnerability in the system to determine whether unauthorized access or malicious activities are possible.

The purpose of ethical hacking is to look into the security of the system and protect it from unauthorized access from malicious hackers.

Hackers must scan the weaknesses in the system, test the entry points and then prioritize targets and develop a strategy with optimum utilization of their resources.

As the number of cyber-attacks have increased, so too has the need for ethical hackers and their prominence in business across the globe.

Due to globalization, the ever increasing business activities of the organizations raise security concerns to a large extent which cannot be ignored as might cause a huge loss in terms of breach of computer security system or data theft .therefore ethical hacking is an inalienable part of the cyber security.

Basically ethical hacking is a way of examining or interpreting in detail the organization’s data security systems. A white hat hacker ,which is a new league of IT professionals is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems for assessing their security and protect the data from any kind of theft .

White hat hackers basically use their skills and talents to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before black hat hackers or malicious hackers can detect or exploit any kind of information. White hat hackers or ethical hackers use their talents to benefit society .

Businesses today are faced with challenge of handling hidden vulnerabilities, evolving technologies and complex nature of security systems. Specially trained ethical hackers come to the rescue of businesses while ensuring efficacy of their services as well as confidentiality. Recently many companies have faced cyber-attacks leading to an increasing need of having professional ethical hackers who can protect their network of information.

Today, hiring ethical hackers is not mere a matter of choice but has become a need for businesses. Certified ethical hackers (CEH) courses are in high demand in businesses across industries worldwide.

Therefore it is essential to build a computer system that prevents black hat hackers access and safeguard system and information from malicious attack.

With changing policies and technologies involving complex inter-operations and interactions there is a need to analyze the system with a holistic approach. Hence ethical hacking solutions are best way of examining such systems.

This article is contributed by Mr. Deepak Jangra faculty of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi and many other courses.

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