Android OS Vs Symbian OS- Which is better?

The Android app development is the procedure of making unique programs for the Android OS. Apps are normally created in the Java creating use of Android Software Development Kit. Off the previous couple of years about 300,000 Android apps have been created by the developers for the usage of the clients to make the Android mobile phones more practical alongside larger attributes. Android development has driven to the growing of the latest apps which the clients can utilize for specific day-to-day needs assisting them from home tasks to managing of companies. Google at first assisted in the development of the Android as well as following which it unveiled the Open Handset Alliance that was a pool of about 86 hardware. From 2010 the Android have come to be the major phone program for the customers in contrast to Symbian and IOS.

Android OS is in {many|numerous} ways {better|a lot better} {than|compared to} the Symbian and iOS.

  1. {Better|More Effective} User Interface

{Unlike|Different from} the iPhone OS, Android user interface has been {continuously|constantly} {developing|building} and {improving|enhancing} {over|through} the years. With Android 4.0, Google has {made|created} the user interface {much|a lot} more {innovative|revolutionary} {and|as well as} {elegant|stylish}. The {prime|leading} {feature|function} of the OS is navigation {buttons|keys}, {which|that} {makes|will make} it {easier|convenient} for the user to {navigate|browse} {around|all-around} the {phone|mobile}. {Unlike|Contrary to} the iPhone with {only|just} {one|single} navigation button , Android {phones|mobile phones} have back, menu, and {multitasking|multi-tasking} buttons, {which|that} {provides|offers} a {better|much better} user interface {thus|therefore} making Android {more|a lot more} user-friendly.

2 Processor speed

The Android is {faster|quicker} {and|as well as} {better|pleasing} {than|compared to} Symbian and iOS {because|simply because} of the processor {speed|performance}. The Android {work|operate} on dual core processors {which|that} {adds|contributes} {a lot of|loads of} applications with {great|very good} speed.

  1. Internet Speed

When we {compare|examine} the default {browser|web browser} of the Android with Symbian and iOS here {too|as well} Android {wins|victories} as {other|another} browsers {come|are offered} with {complicated|complex} algorithms {which|that} {slows|reduces} the Internet spreed. {However|Nevertheless}, Android browser {comes|works} {with|alongside} visual bookmarks, {which|that} is {handy|convenient} {and|as well as} {easy|effortless} to {use|incorporate} with {smooth|sleek} {flow|movement} on {information|facts}.

  1. {More|Additional} applications

The Android is {developed|created} by {Giant|massive} Google which {support|maintain} {almost|nearly} 500000 {applications|apps} where as Symbian is {developed|created} by Nokia, {which|that} is {embedded|integrated} with {limited|restricted} {applications|apps} as it {makes|creates} them {dependent|reliant} on Nokia. Android {gives|provides} the experience of Google calendar, Google translator, Google earth, Google voice,  Blogger and Chrome. Due to the {increase|boost} of the {flow|movement} of {applications|apps} in the {market|marketplace}, the Android {comes|works} with {perfect|ideal} {blend|mix} of {these|these types of} {applications|apps} for the {convenience|efficiency} of the {users|consumers}. The Symbian and iOS has limited applications confining their use.

  1. {Change|Alter} firmware

In Symbian OS, {you|one} {can|could} {never|by no means} {change|alter} the firmware, {but|however} in Android OS you can {change|alter} it {any time|whenever you wish} the way you want moreover {easily|effortlessly} {install|set up} the {updates|changes} {which|that} {allows|enables} you to {use|utilize} {more|additional} {applications|apps}.

  1. Multiple screen keyboards

In Android you {can|can easily} {change|alter} the screen {keyboards|key boards} the way that is {easy|effortless} {and|as well as} {apart|besides} from this you {can|can easily} install Gingerbread to Froyo and from Swype to Honeycomb. With {one|single} tab you {can|can easily} {choose|select} {multiple|several} {spelling|punctuational} {suggestions|recommendations} and {deleting|removing} a {word|phrase} or {adding|introducing}. {While|Although} in Symbians and iOS  it does not come with these {customization|modification} {features|qualities} of new keyboard installation.

  1. Multi tasking system

he Android applications {come|are available} with such a framework {which|that} {provide|offer} all key API’s {including|such as} {things|issues} like {accessing|opening} the telephony system, sharing and {receiving|acquiring} data {as well as|and} {notifications|announcements}. The Symbian and iOS {does not|fails to} {provide|offer} you the multi-tasking system.

Therefore Android development has transformed the OS systems as well as programs by offering additional broader services than others which own a restricted user purposes.

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